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Portrait Photography: It's All About the Relationship

January 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Photography should be an experience. When you're in front of the camera, you need to feel comfortable with the person behind it. What's more, you should be having fun. You should feel great about yourself; about your hair and your clothes and the way the light is hitting your face.

If you think for a moment about photos in which you feel you look your best, they were probably taken by someone you know and trust and they were probably captured "in the moment." Today, those photos are probably a bit outdated and don't present you at your best.

A good portrait photographer will help you feel and look your best, and a great portrait photographer will capture you "in the moment," all while keeping in mind the aesthetics of the entire composition.

For me, one of the great joys of photography is meeting new people and going new places. But the greatest joy is that moment in which I know I've captured the perfect shot.

I work "get to know you" time into all of my engagements, and sometimes it's my favorite part of the whole experience.

Contact me today - let's have a great experience making fine art photography portraits together.


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