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Three Benefits of Engaging a Photographer You Trust

December 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

How do you find and engage professional services, like plumbing? Do you Google the best plumbers in your town? And, once you have a list, do you cross-check against reviews and ratings?

Or maybe you ask a knowledgeable friend who their favorite plumber is, and why.

The common denominator here is trust. You either trust online reviews, or you trust your friend's discriminating tastes and experience. Perhaps it's a mixture of the two - there is no such thing as too much research when spending money on a service!

Trust - in the professional setting - is typically built over time through a series of favorable interactions in which both parties exhibit reliability, honesty, and effectiveness. It can also be gained through referrals and recommendations made by trusted peers.

This brings us to the following:

Three Benefits of Engaging a Photographer You Trust

1. You’ll look your best

Think, if you will, of your favorite photos of yourself (or someone you're close to). You (or they) appear comfortable, relaxed, and natural. This is probably because they were comfortable and relaxed when the picture was taken.

Now think about a time when you were in front of a camera and the person behind it asked you to "say cheese" or "smile more - no, not that like that." How did those photos turn out?

2. You’ll be satisfied with the final products

You probably have a thumb drive or DropBox folder somewhere of photos you're proud of. You engaged a photographer, you (and perhaps your family) spent time in front of a camera, and you paid him or her. Now what?

Susan Sontag writes in On Photography, "Life is not about significant details, illuminated in a flash, fixed forever. Photographs are."

Those significant details, so expertly 'fixed forever,' can be shared on social media, displayed proudly on the walls of your home, and even turned into a professional coffee table book. A well-researched - and trusted - photographer can help you make these things happen.

3. You'll go through the process with peace of mind

The process of engaging a photographer can be a prolonged one, depending on your stated needs and deadlines. It typically begins with a phone discussion about scheduling, timelines, and objectives, which is followed up by a "get-to-know-you" meeting.

The photography session could take place days or weeks later; once the session has been completed, photo processing can take up to a week (but shouldn't take the photographer longer than that).

What we're looking at is a process that takes a couple of weeks (minimum) and could go on for as long a month.

Peace of mind can be defined as the absence of stress and worry; we can even go further to discuss what it is: calmness, happiness, and freedom. Which brings us back to the first benefit: you'll look your best.

In summary,

ask questions when engaging a photographer. Insist on a "get-to-know-you" meeting. Make a plan that addresses your needs, timeline, and objectives. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind.

Wouldn't you prefer to engage a photographer you trust?


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